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Please commiserate with me

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Jan. 8th, 2010 | 03:03 pm
posted by: demomo in we_ride_bikes

I love my cats.  They are wonderful, fabulous, loving creatures.  I may have to kill them.

I went into my walk-in closet the other day and noticed a faint unpleasant odor.  Since I was running late for something (as usual), I ignored it and went merrily on my way.  Several days later I noticed the odor again.  And since I had nothing left to be late for that day I decided to investigate.  My wonderful, fabulous loving cats had utilized a large plastic tub in my closet as a litter box.  They used it for both intended uses of litter boxes.  

I was not happy.  I was not pleased.  In fact, I was a bit irate.  But I knew that the plastic tub only had some old sweatpants, and some summer shorts.  So no big deal, right?  Not quite.  In that tub were not just shorts, but bike shorts.  3 pairs of padded bike shorts, 1 padded short liner.

I am not a small woman.  Far from it.  And it's hard to find decent plus size bike shorts at a decent price.  So these are among the most expensive items of clothing that I own.  I was not happy.

I have washed the clothes several times.  I used regular detergent and OxyClean.  They smell fine to me, now.  But I am worried about that first long bike ride in them when I start sweating.....and hold my breath to see what happens next.  Literally.

So, please commiserate, laugh at me, offer me suggestions.....

(Side note:  the reason the cats used the tub was the fact that the door for their covered litter box would get stuck sometimes, which I didn't realize.  I just got this one for them in December.  So I can't be too mad at them about this.  And I did not take it out on them at all.  Except maybe for waking them up during a nap or two over the weekend.)

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from: k2rider78
date: Jan. 8th, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)

You have my sympathy, have you ever tried Natures Miracle?

I would try that or another pet odor removal product. I think there are also homemade 'recipes' but some of them use peroxide.

Good luck.

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