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Some photos in celebration of Bike to Work Week. Or, too bad life is so beautiful.

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Jun. 17th, 2010 | 09:42 am
posted by: oddmonster in we_ride_bikes

Did you know this week is National Bike to Work Week? I didn't. I'm sort of oblivious to these things because nine months out of the year for me is national bike to work week. But! To get in the spirit of things, I biked home via the long and winding lakefront bike path, with my phone in one hand, madly snapping photos and wobbling all over the place.

This is the result.


So I swear to you, the easiest way to get through Burlington is via the 10-mile bike path. The most beautiful part of which runs along the big lake. And when I say "runs along" I mean "it's 18 inches from the water".

Pictured: not the bit that's closest to the water.

It's also home to the Elgin Marbles of Vermont: a field of casually strewn marble boulders carved with mermaids and dragons and Neptune getting his tail over...something not readily distinguishable. And yesterday it was also home to two dudes sitting on a bench smoking a bowl and watching the lakefront. But hello, who could blame them? The day was gorgeous: cool and clean with a light misting of rain.

Neptune gettin' it on with...um, something.

Mermaid rolling her eyes at Neptune

Creeeeeeepy face. Look, I didn't say they were a patch on the original Elgin marbles. But they are in Vermont.

This week, middle of June, was supposed to clear up and be sunny and bright with temperatures in the mid-80s. As you can see, that didn't happen. Also, on the last half mile before home the skies opened and rain came down sideways, which I always feel is rain cheating. But it was great biking weather and I had the path pretty much to myself, apart from a rabbit and a terrified frog that I'm sure thought death had come for it on wobbly wobbly wheels and leapt for the undergrowth like its ass was on fire.

Seriously, I just set my phone to Stun, held it out at arm's length and just kept hitting the button as I biked. I had such a blast. *pedal pedal pedal click! pedal pedal click! pedal aaaaaiee! pedal pedal*

Then I came to this bridge.

Now, I cannot in all good consequence recommend snapping pix and going over a bridge near water because slick wet wood planks are no one's friend one-handed. Especially if you have go-fast tires on.

Hey look! Big green leaves up close!

Which was totally not because I was swerving.

And then I got lost and found some fantastic little byways where houses nestle close to the water and the streets are very narrow and there are random small parks and even more random art.

"When was the last time you wrote a real letter?"

But I did make it home eventually. So in conclusion: bike to work! All the time! But mainly during this week! Just don't fall in the water. Way better to stop and smoke and bowl on a bench.

Man, I should so be back in marketing.

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from: dharmasnoopy
date: Jun. 20th, 2010 04:02 pm (UTC)

What beautiful scenery - If only I could ride my bike to work!!! The treacherous 27 mile ride is Highway interstate with people that don't care too much for cyclists (how rude!)

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