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Trip Recap - Part 1

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Aug. 21st, 2009 | 10:07 am
posted by: demomo in we_ride_bikes

Let me start by saying I WANT TO GO BACK ON VACATION!!!!  I have barely been on my bike since I've been home.  It is very, very humid here.  I have to do something called "work" in order to support my vacationing.  It's all very tough.

OK, I left on  8/1 and drove halfway to Maine with my friend Linda B.  The drive was uneventful.

8/2:  Drove the rest of the way to Maine.  Stayed at the Best Western in Bucksport.  The hotel was clean, the bed was comfy, and the view was great!  Sunday night we had dinner with all of the other people on the WomanTours trip with us.  We went through an overview of the week, where we would be staying, how each day would go, how meals would work, etc.  We all introduced ourselves and chatted.  I knew already that some of these women were very neat people!  There were 17 women on the tour, plus 2 awesome guides.

8/3:  First day of biking.  We rode from Bucksport to Bar Harbor.  I rode 28 out of 49 miles.  The hills were more than I expected, and I certainly wasn't prepared for them.  But the scenery was amazing.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights we stayed at the Bar Harbor Grand.  Very nice hotel, very close to everything.  Dinner was at a lobster pound.  I had the perfect lobster - no green or red stuff inside of it! 

8/4:  We took a ferry to Winter Harbor.  I rode 23 of 29 miles.  It was the most gorgeous riding of the whole week.  In fact, I went back with my husband the next week!  It was fairly level, and there was a great one-way, two-lane bike rode through part of the park.  It was suggested that I skip out on one 6-mile loop in order to make sure that I rode the last (best) 10 miles, and still make it back to the ferry in time.  I was asked in a great way, and didn't feel too bad about it.  At least I got over it fairly quickly.  Dinner that night was at a restaurant near the hotel.  By this point I was getting to know other people on the trip better, and liking them more and more.  A very interesting group of women.  I was the 2nd youngest (I'm 37) and by far the heaviest and most out of shape.  But that wasn't a problem for anyone else, and I tried not to let it be a problem for me.

8/5:  My biggest regret of the trip was on this day.  A group of women rode their bikes to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see the sunrise.  Another group of women rode the van.  Unfortunately, I was a little slow getting going, so I didn't end up in the 2nd group.  And there was no way I was going to be in the first group!  I rode on part of the Park Loop through Acadia that day.  I ended up riding about 15 miles, and took the park bus back to the hotel afterward.  Spent a lot of time with various women, learning about their lives.  I even think I found a kindred spirit!  (I have read Anne of Green Gables far too many times.)  Had a nice dinner with my friend Linda that night and did some browsing in the shops in town - there are plenty of them!

8/6:  This was the longest planned ride for the trip, and also my longest day.  The planned ride was from Bar Harbor to Blue Hill.  54 miles.  I rode 34 of those miles.  There were 3 big hills in the second part that just didn't suit my fancy.  :)  And the view from the van is gorgeous!  I even managed to get a few pictures along the way.  We stayed that night and the next at the Blue Hill Farm Country Inn.  I had one of the loudest beds I have ever been in, but the wonderful food that they served, and the great personalities of the people who worked there more than made up for it.  They were very, very accommodating (I started a dairy-free regimen shortly before the trip started).  And there was plenty of room for getting together, chatting and laughing!

8/7:  Another gorgeous day.  I rode 30 of 30 miles that day.  Sort of.  I didn't ride the last 2 miles, but I took a 2 mile detour earlier in the day, so it made up for it.  :)  The last 2 miles was a killer hill to the inn from the small town.  So I decided to ditch my bike, stay in the town and shop a little, and then take the van up to the inn.  Good decision!  I went to an awesome independent bookstore that day.  And it was the only day that we had any rain during the day.  Oh yeah, and I had lunch at a gas station.  They were grilling outside, and I had amazing ribs.  Yum yum!  

8/8:  Last day.  It was sad to think that this part of my trip was over.  I rode the 20 miles back to Bucksport from Blue Hill.  More gorgeous scenery.  An awesome Tin Man mailbox.  Then lunch back at the van, and goodbyes.

If you want to see pictures of this adventure, you can go to my picture page.  There is also a link to some pictures from the trip 2 years ago to PA Dutch area.  And my cats.

Recap of the trip:  Good, but tough, biking.  Great people, great food, great scenery.  I'd highly recommend it!

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