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What would you have done?

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Aug. 19th, 2009 | 09:29 pm
mood: curiouscurious
posted by: k2rider78 in we_ride_bikes

I almost got hit by an SUV this last week while I was riding my bike.
Cut for bad language-

The dude crossed to lanes of traffic and stopped in front of me when he finally saw he cut me off. Luckily I stopped. He looked at me like I made some kind of traffic violation, then he kept going. I called him a jerk. He yelled "Fuck you!" He had a little dog sitting on his lap. I don't think he was talking on a cellphone. I of course retaliated- "Fuck You!" While I said that I thought of the irony, I would NEVER want to fuck him. He of of course yelled back- "Bitch." I saw no point in arguing with him ;) And I road off before it escalated any further.

Now maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but what would you have done in that situation?

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Ruffian Wind

(no subject)

from: ruffian_wind
date: Aug. 21st, 2009 05:19 pm (UTC)

I went to the ER with a minor concussion, separated shoulder and bruises all over the place including some pretty deep ones around my knees. All in all, I was lucky. Very lucky. and I am totally with you about drivers not even making good pedestrians. I can't even count how many idiots I've almost run over just stepping into the road and too busy to notice things like cars and bikes because they are too busy texting and chatting on their phones...(I work on a college campus, so you can imagine how often this happens...)

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